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Needlepoint Monogram Loafer and Mule with Dots-Woman's

Customize your own needlepoint monogrammed shoes! What fun! This pattern allows you to choose from 28 colors for you monogram, background and DOT color with the Serif Block Font shown. Your possibilities are endless! All our monogram shoes are charted and stitched by hand and fully lined in leather. The production time is approximately 4-6 months. We offer medium widths only. The order of initials for this style is: first, last, middle. The background of this shoe is 34 sand, the monogram is 8 pink and the dots are 15 Kelly. The leather is tan. Order here if you would like your shoes to have dots on them. Be creative, choose your favorite colors and to be as preppy or conservative as you wish!

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Please select your shoe style: Loafer or Mule (mules have a closed toe and open back):
Please select your loafer size for your custom monogram loafers.:
Please select the size for your custom monogram mules.:
Please select your Font. The order of initials for the Script, Circle, Serif Block, Block Diamond with or without Triangles fonts are First, Last, Middle. The last initial in the center is larger. The order of initials for the Uniform Block and Script fonts is First, Middle, Last. All 3 initials are the same size.: Click here to see pictures of all Monogram Fonts
If you chose the monogram style SERIF BLOCK WITH DOTS, please select the polka dot color for your shoe. If you did not select this monogram style, please leave this option blank. : Click here to see the needlepoint yarn colors
Please select the color for the background of your shoe: Click here to see the needlepoint thread colors
Enter your initials in the order you would like them to appear:
Please select the color for the monogrammed initials on your shoe: Click here to see the needlepoint thread colors
Please choose the leather color for your momogrammed shoe: Click here to see the color options for the leather on your shoe
Each Monogram shoe is charted and stitched by hand. Please allow 4-6 months to receive your shoes. Custom orders may not be returned so make sure you know your correct size. Select: Yes, if you are willing to wait approximately 4-6 months for your order. You will be so pleased when your shoes arrive and will enjoy them for years to come! :

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